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Vince Amacio

  • Carpet Cleaning that is GREEN and SAFE for you, your family,  your pets, and the Earth!

  • ​Deep low moisture carpet cleaning​​

  • One hour dry time

  • No wick back

  • No harsh chemical smells

  • No hoses to drag through your house

  • No dirty wash water

  • No hidden costs

  • Fast, Friendly, and Thorough!!!

  We service the following areas:

   Clarksville, Adams, Sango, Port Royal
Southside, Woodlawn, Indian Mound,
Bumpus Mills, Dover,  Big Rock, 
Pleasant View, Coopertown, Springfield,
Guthrie, Pembroke, Trenton,
Ft. Campbell 

Carpet Cleaning Services

O2 Green Carpet Cleaning of Clarksville

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Low Moisture Carpet Cleaning 



O2 Green Carpet Cleaning 

of Clarksville vs. Traditional Carpet Cleaning

 The Traditional 40 Year Old Method of Carpet Cleaning 

     Steam cleaning or hot water extraction methods of carpet cleaning is an aging 40 year old process.  They use loud and bulky equipment and drag hoses through your house that can scratch walls, furniture, and flooring.  It is an outdated system that requires high water pressure and sometimes harsh detergents that soak  your carpets and forces dirt down into the carpet backing, pad and sometimes the subfloor.  Carpets are usually wet for hours and sometimes days which can lead to wicking (stains return), mold and mildew  problems, and faster re-soiling.

The O2 Green Carpet Cleaning Method

    We use the latest and greatest methods of deep scrubbing, low moisture carpet cleaning in Clarksville!  Our carpet cleaning equipment is sleek and very quiet.  Your carpets will dry in about an hour and stay cleaner longer than traditional cleaning methods.  All of our carpet cleaning products are green and safe for people and pets!  Never will there be a harsh chemical smell.  

  • We use 1/10th of the water/solution that steam cleaning requires.  

  • We have no need to use your water from your sinks or tubs, nor do we have to dump any waste water or have an onsite collection of waste water (because there is no waste water)!

  • Wicking or Wick Back is not an issue because we actually remove the dirt from the carpet and not just suppress it deeper into the backing or pad.  

  • When we clean, we DEEP CLEAN and REMOVE dirt, dander, pet hair, human hair, oils, grime, etc.

Plus, you will receive the ABSOLUTE friendliest service you have ever had!  

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-Leaves your furniture clean with no residue and uses 100% green products.

-Removes grease, dead skin, dust mites, allergens, food and oils.

-Will have your furniture ready to use within 3-4 hours.

-Can be used to clean both fabrics and microfibers.

-Sanitizes your upholstery and kills germs, viruses, and bacteria.


-Leaves your floors clean with no residue and uses 100% green products.

-Removes haze, dullness, and brings back that just installed shine. 

-Will have your floors ready to use in 1 hour.

-Can be used to clean both hardwoods and laminates.

-Sanitizes your floors and kills germs, viruses, and bacteria.


-Uses suction, steam vapor, and sanitizing products.

-Will not damage or void your mattresses warranty.

-Leaves no harsh odors or chemicals behind.

-Will remove urine, dead skin, dust mites and their eggs, blood, and pet stains.

-Will leave you mattress smelling fresh and clean.